Managing Difficult and Disruptive People

Presenter Geoff Wake

Date 24 August, 2017 | Time 9am - 4pm

Venue OSEA 64 Arena Avenue Invercargill

Event Description

Stay in control and deal with their behaviour

Every manager will have to deal with difficult workplace behaviour at some point. It takes strong management to get back in control before disruptive behaviour takes its toll on productivity across your team or organisation.

In this programme you will learn about the different types of difficult behaviour, how each impacts on others and be given a range of tools you can use to reduce the impact of difficult behaviour on business culture and productivity.

Designed for

If you are responsible for the behaviour of your staff and the culture within a team, this programme will give you the confidence to deal with disruption. It is designed for managers, team leaders and business owners.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify what type of difficult person you’re dealing with
  • Distinguish between a difficult person and difficult behaviour
  • Understand the consequences of difficult people at work
  • Recognise the importance of addressing difficult people and situations
  • Identify the source of a person’s behaviour
  • Develop a variety of tactics and skills to deal with these situations
  • Know how to self-manage during times of duress
  • Reduce conflict in the workplace
Learning content
  • Bullies, braggers and others types of difficult people
  • The impact of difficult people on you, the team and the business
  • Understanding the source of difficult behaviour
  • Ten tried and true tactics to deal with difficult people
  • Essential skills for managing and resolving conflict
  • Managing yourself during a difficult situation

One day

This Employers’ Otago Southland workshop is registered for the NZTE Capability Development voucher programme. | Regional Business Partner Network event reference OSEA567


Small and medium size businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers. Approved businesses will receive a voucher for up to 50% of the course investment fee.

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Non members $790
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