16 March 2016

A Successful Evening with Sarah Wickens

Sarah Wickens wowed the Glass Elevator guests last night, in the first social gathering for 2016.

Our guests learned from the inspiring founder of Trilogy, Sarah Wickens. Along with her sister Kath, the duo turned $20,000 capital into $20 million only 8 years later - now that is a return! Sarah gave plenty of business tips from her experiences which can be easily transferred to other business spheres and life in general. 5 “P” were her major take away - People ; Personality ; Patience and Persistence ; and PARTY! Awesome ethos. Another take away was Sarah’s experience of people management using screeds of praise. She commented that most of time, mistakes are made with well-intentioned motives (i.e. wanting to do the right thing), so she and her team didn’t tend to dwell on mistakes, and would move on to the fun positive affirmation and build the business team up that way. A great reminder to always consider different management models and take a moment to reflect.

The feedback from those who attended has been emphatic in the pleasure of hearing Sarah talk, to meet her bubbly personality and hear how with common sense and fun, success can be had. Failure was never an option.

What a great first event for the year, and thanks to Trilogy and Air NZ for sponsoring our great prizes and I am sure that our prize winners will be pleased with their Trilogy packs (each worth $150) and the $250 worth of flights with Air NZ. Thanks also to H&J Smiths for holding a display table at the event where the guests could purchase some products.

See you at the next event!

Michelle - Events Manager