02 July 2018

Chamber excited about CBD redevelopment plans

Southland Chamber of Commerce

The Southland Chamber of Commerce is in full support of the exciting inner-city redevelopment plans unveiled by HWCP Chairman Scott O’Donnell recently.

President Neil McAra says “this project was identified as a key priority in the Southland Regional Development Strategy (SoRDS) Action Plan which records Southland’s goal of 10,000 more people living in Southland by 2025.

SoRDS has the full support of the business community and is a region-wide initiative focused on building a thriving and prosperous future for Southland.

When SoRDS was launched, Invercargill’s rejuvenation from our perspective was one of the most important initiatives forming part of strategy. Three priority actions were identified to achieve rejuvenation and this project was one of them. In addition to delivering essential urban amenities which are required to attract and retain people in Southland, it will also re-invigorate the construction sector plus provide growth and resilience for Invercargill retailers.

This large-scale inner-city project requires a collective local effort and support from central government to ensure delivery of vital central city infrastructure that will have transformational economic benefits for the region.”

HWCP announced that the project is expected to generate 400 jobs per year during its construction phase and that preference will be given to local labour and services, however, given there is a skills shortage outside recruitment will be necessary. HWCP has made it a requirement that these businesses will need to set up an office in Invercargill and bring their teams down or employ local labour on their behalf.

McAra said this initiative will see new business come to town, grow the economy and help attract people to Southland.