09 October 2014

Council urges property owners to update their BWOF

Invercargill City Council Media Release

Council is reminding commercial property owners to ensure their Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) is up to date for buildings with specified systems (e.g. fire alarms, emergency lighting, backflow prevention devices etc.) installed.

A Building Warrant of Fitness (Form 12) is a statement from the building owner confirming that the systems in the building have been checked and the inspection and maintenance required (stated in the Compliance Schedule) for the building has complied for the previous 12 months.

The building owner is responsible for ensuring the requirements of the Compliance Schedule are met. The owner is required to use Independently Qualified Person (IQP) to check the systems. The owner pays for an Independently Qualified Person to inspect and maintain the buildings specified systems.

Each year on the anniversary date of the Compliance Schedule, building owners will need to supply the Invercargill City Council with a BWOF. Once all the correct information is received and processed, an invoice for the administration charges related to the documentation will be sent by the Council to the owner.

In addition, the owner must supply Council with a signed copy of Form 12A(s). Form 12A(s) are signed by the Independently Qualified Person for each specified system listed on the Compliance Schedule. The building owner must publicly display the Building Warrant of Fitness on the premises.

For more information on the BWOF process please visit and look under the ‘Building’ page.

Enquiries, please phone Building Regulation Services Manager, Simon Tonkin on (03) 211 1662