19 April 2016

Karen Ross enthralls Glass Elevator guests at Resilience Strategies Evening

Southland Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations to the 85 women who attended our Glass Elevator event with Karen Ross on Thursday 14th April. The event was a huge success and Karen proved to be a fabulous speaker who enthralled all who listened. Those who attended put themselves first and gained valuable tools to become more resilient and in control of their life, mindset, & emotions. “Be the flow” was her main take away for the session.

Karen said of the event that, “it was such a pleasure to spend the evening with you all last Thursday, and thank you for such a warm Southern welcome. I hope your weekend might have given you a moment or two to reflect on shaking up those dodgy myths of stress and making your Self a priority.”

Karen encourages you to download the Start Me Up Toolkit – a free download (eBook and 50 min video) with more info on taking charge of stress – including the zany Mood Mover. smile Subscribe here

Plus, here is the interview Karen mentioned with Arianna Huffington on redefining success and a whole lot more. It’s a great watch (around 45 mins).

Arianna Huffington interview - does being more mindful etc still help you be successful?

In the interests of getting your hand on the steering wheel right from the get-go, Karen asks if you will aim to make YOUR STATE the most important thing in your day this week, or perhaps there was something else that you felt was the nugget you wanted to take forward – whatever it is, put it on a post-it in front of you this week and make it happen. You deserve it!