28 June 2019

Leadership Academy Graduation - Intake Two

Today, our second intake of the Southland Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy graduated.

Congratulations to our new Alumni:

- Aaron Higham, BDO Invercargill

- Alexis Wadworth, BNZ/Bare Hill Farming Partnership

- Amanda Kingi-Potiki, Hokonui Runanga Research & Development

- Jaime McNaught, McCallums Group Selector Uniforms

- Janina Bautista-Santos, Blue River Dairy LP

- Jason Paul, South Port NZ Ltd

- John Mander, Migamz Ltd

- Lindsay Bowmar, Calder Stewart Construction Limited

- Paul Agnew, Lewis Windows Ltd

- Penny Nicholas, Hokonui Runanga Research & Development

- Rachel Lock, VetSouth Ltd

- Tim Lindsay, AWS Legal

Thank you to our guest speakers who share their knowledge, experience and wisdom so willingly each week - Jason Tibble, Shaun Drylie, Errol Millar, Penny Simmonds, Dougal McGowan, Clare Hadley and Lesley Soper, Robert Boekhout, Richard Roberts, Stewart Hamilton, and Geoff Finnerty.

Thank you to our sponsors - BNZ Invercargill and Blue River Dairy LP for sponsoring this programme in Southland - an awesome commitment to the future of our region!