20 November 2019

Leadership Academy Graduation - Stewart Island Rakiura

The Southland Chamber of Commerce teamed up with Future Opportunities Stewart Island Rakiura project and customised the highly acclaimed Leadership Academy to be delivered on the Island.

Congratulations to our new Leadership Academy Alumni who graduated today:

- Bridget Carter, Predator Free Rakiura

- Lania Edwards, Rakiura Charters & Water Taxi - Stewart Island

- Charlotte Jenkinson, Stewart Island Four Square

- Cherie Hemsley, Department of Conservation

- Edward Small, Rakiura Charters & Water Taxi

- Josephine Shepard, Stewart Island Experience, Real Journeys

- Kirsten Hicks, Southland District Council

- Kylie Bakker, Stewart Island Experience, Real Journeys

- Leah Rudin-Jones, Real Journeys, and Ulva’s guided walks

- Letitia McRitchie, Department of Conservation

- Mary Chittenden, Department of Conservation and Rakiura Maori Lands Trust

- Megan Cowley, The Stewart Island Gift Shop

- Melanie Miller, Halfmoon Bay School

- Rakiura Herzhoff, Rakiura Adventure Ltd

- Sam Jenkinson, Stewart Island Four Square

- Teri McCracken, Stewart Island Flights

Thank you to our guest speakers who travelled to Rakiura each week to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom - Penny Simmonds, Dean Addie, Clare Hadley, Robyn Hickman, Jason Tibble, Errol Millar and Aimee Kaio.

Thank you to all our supporters including Stewart Island Rakiura Future Opportunities, Community Trust South, MBIE, Southland District Council and the Island Champions - an awesome commitment to the future of our region! It’s been a privilege being part of this journey.