22 June 2018

McLeay Precision Engineering (MPE) BA5

What a great night we had at the McLeay Precision Engineering (MPE) BA5 last night. On arrival guests were offered the opportunity to warm up with a hot beverage from Andrea who was parked up inside with the Mocha Rocka Van. Huge thanks to Wayne for a great presentation and to Des & Barry who stayed on to show us some of the equipment in operation.

Wayne finished off his presentation with the following words -

“If I have one message to send you home with - outside of the fact that dealing with McLeay Precision Engineering will enrich your life (lots of laughing) is not to be that trapped mug - train your staff, delegate responsibility, let go a little and make several lives so much richer for it. One day, you will be so glad you did”

Very wise words Wayne - thank you for sharing this valuable advice and for hosting us!