16 October 2014

Members drive SBS changes

Southland Times

Southland’s bank is making changes in a bid to become more responsive to its members and marketplace dynamics.

SBS Bank chief executive Wayne Evans has announced changes to the executive team, including new roles and the elevation of member services.

The changes come after a review that included consultation and feedback.

One of the goals was developing and deploying modern technology, Evans said.

Evans, who took over as chief executive in August, said he wanted the bank to become more visible in the marketplace.

“As a member bank, we provide a unique and special banking experience. What is important to us, as Southland’s bank, is that we have Southlanders banking with us.”

Members wanted the bank to be part of their lives, rather than having to take time out of their lives to come to the bank, he said.

Digital technology allowed customers to bank in a different way and the bank intended to deploy a wider range of online and digital services for its members, including a banking app, Evans said.