04 June 2019

Weathering the change

Southland Chamber of Commerce

WITH the colder months of the year well and truly here, winter can be a telling season for some businesses.

When it’s cold, you don’t really want to head outside. For this reason, we get a good idea on how well set up our CBD is to be both user and business friendly. Is there ample parking to make those dashes into the store short? Is the main shopping area well sheltered? Do we have a wide spread of retail and food offerings to entice people out?

In its current state, not really.

Shelter from bad weather when you really need to get those jobs done not only is beneficial for the consumer, but it also bolsters our local businesses.

With the resource consent decision granted this week for the HWCP inner city redevelopment, I’m heartened that significant change is on the horizon for our city.

But you, Southlanders, need to be part of the change. Submissions are open on the Invercargill City Council’s consultation period, asking if you think it should commit funds to the project. If you’re in support of the CBD project in general terms but aren’t usually the type to make noise about how you feel, I’d encourage you to break the habit – just this one time. It really is the future of our city’s liveability and businesses’ prosperity at stake.

Is the ratepayer investment worth it? Is it really necessary? Will we get growth out of it? Will it be better?

Yes to all of the above. We need this.

Sheree Carey, CEO