Managing Staff Under Stress

Date 19 September, 2019 | Time 9am-4.30pm

Venue OSEA, 64 Arena Avenue, Invercargill

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The impact of stress in the workplace is well known. Pressure, to varying degrees, is experienced across all levels of an organisation operating within an increasingly complex society, no matter the occupation, purpose, or marketplace. The consequences of high workplace stress include poor morale, reduced performance, resistance to change and increased conflict. Two main factors that contribute to a higher risk of experiencing workplace stress are: complexity of role and responsibilities, and time pressure to achieve and perform. It is the obligation of all employers, and by default all managers as agents of their employer, to take reasonable steps to reduce workplace stress and manage it as effectively as possible.

This does not mean that stress must be removed (not that it’s possible to do that anyway) but that reasonable steps must be made. Managing stress is, at the end of the day, a partnership between the employer and the employee and both have responsibilities. Health and safety legislation highlights, among other things, the personal responsibility of a manager to actively demonstrate their efforts to manage the occupational health of those whom they are responsible for, to be proactive, and to take responsibility for team and broader workplace culture. In practice this means that individual managers can be held accountable and raises significant implications for occupational health practice and responsibility. There are a number of simple and effective points to consider when looking at a program to improve a manager’s stress-reduction capability, and in turn reduce employer liability and promote employee performance, well-being and overall team adaptability.

  • Leaders at any level
  • Business owners
  • Line managers and supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • HR Advisors and business partners
  • Health and safety officers and advisors
  • Project leaders and managers
  • Stress, the brain and our physiology
  • Understanding the difference between discomfort and distress
  • Evaluation, management options, rehabilitation back in to work
  • Utilising health professionals to aid recovery
  • Legal duty of care considerations and privacy principles
  • Managing difficult conversations in this space

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